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feed Review: Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/10/28 16:00:00)
Jaybird's Freedom headphones demonstrate that it is possible to have good sound, comfortable fit, and plenty of style in a set of Bluetooth buds. These wireless earbuds are more expensive than competing models, but in this case you get more than wha ...

feed Cricket Gives Most Popular Plan More Data in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/10/28 12:19:49)
Cricket Wireless customers can score more data on the prepaid carrier's most popular plan without raising their rates. Cricket's existing $50 service plan is improving from 5 GB of LTE data each month to 8 GB of LTE data starting today. The $50 mont ...

feed Topless student crashes into police car as she tries to take a selfie in link Coolsmartphone (2016/10/28 10:01:52)
Yesterday I went to McDonald’s to sample their huge range of delicious burgers whilst using the greasy tablets. On the way someone nearly crashed into us as he tried to navigate a roundabout while texting on his phone. It’s human natur ...

feed Sengled Pulse Solo LED + Wireless Speaker – Review in link Coolsmartphone (2016/10/28 8:54:50)
If you’ve got a need for a lightbulb but you want some music coming out of it, welcome to the Sengled Pulse Solo LED light and Wireless Speaker. This one is an E27 screw-in fitting and puts out about 550 lumens. Now, if you compare this wi ...

feed Vine Shutting Down in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/10/27 18:18:34)
Twitter today announced that it is shutting down Vine, its short-clip mobile video service. Existing content will remain at vine.com, but the mobile app will be discontinued in the coming months. Twitter launched in 2013, but is being wound down ami ...

feed Amazon now offering “Certified Refurbished” devices in link Coolsmartphone (2016/10/27 15:42:25)
Just in case you weren?t aware, there are only 8 weeks to go until Christmas. This year, the same as previous years, electronic gadgetry will be the top of many a Christmas list. But let?s be honest, the latest technology isn?t the cheapest, so ...

feed T-Mobile Offers Unique Discount for Google Pixel Owners in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/10/27 13:25:47)
T-Mobile today announced a unique discount program for customers who buy an unlocked Google Pixel phone and switch to T-Mobile's new "One" unlimited plan. Customers will receive $325 back, spread out over 24 months, amounting to a $13.55 monthly dis ...

feed Qualcomm Reaches Deal To Acquire NXP in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/10/27 12:19:00)
Qualcomm today announced a deal to acquire NXP Semiconductors for $47 billion. NXP is a co-inventor and key patent holder of NFC technology. Qualcomm already integrates NXP "secure element" technology into its Snapdragon chips. NXP is the fifth-larg ...

feed Lumsing Pilot 4GS 12000mAh Portable Charger – Review in link Coolsmartphone (2016/10/27 10:19:13)
This is a big battery that you charge from your iPhone or iPad charger. It has two USB 3A output ports and it’s got a 12000mAh capacity. If I’m honest, that’s about all you need to know. Portable chargers aren’t something ...

feed Microsoft Announces 3D Capture App in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/10/26 23:29:11)
Microsoft today announced a new 3D Capture app for phones. Using only the phone's camera, it can capture an object's shape and texture for importing into the new 3D tools available in the new version of Windows 10, dubbed Windows 10 Creators Update. ...

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