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feed How app pricing seems to impact app types in link Coolsmartphone (2017/1/18 23:39:01)
If you follow us on Twitter then you may have seen me mention the fact that Kodi is riding high in the Google Play apps charts. It’s not overly surprising though, especially when you consider how many people are buying Android TV boxes or atte ...

feed FCC Says Incentive Auction Reaches End Point in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2017/1/18 23:33:13)
The FCC today said the close of the fourth stage will mark the end of bidding in the auction for 600 MHz airwaves. The auction has been in progress since last May and worked its way through several stages. Television broadcasters agreed to give up p ...

feed Korea Won't Arrest Samsung Scion in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2017/1/18 20:35:23)
A court in South Korea today rejected a request to arrest Samsung executive Lee Jae-yong. Prosecutors in a government bribery case wanted Lee held on counts of bribery, embezzlement, and perjury. The Seoul Central District Court didn't provide a rea ...

feed Apple's GarageBand Scores Alchemy Synthesizer in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2017/1/18 18:21:47)
Apple today announced a major update to GarageBand, its music creating and recording app for iOS devices. Chiefly, GarageBand now includes the Alchemy synthesizer, which adds more than 150 new patches from Apple that span myriad styles like pop, roc ...

feed Researchers Devise Fire-Resistant Battery in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2017/1/18 16:16:50)
Adding a flame-retardant to select elements of lithium ion batteries many prevent fires, according to researchers at Stanford University. The researchers figured out how to create a nonwoven electrospun separator out of triphenyl phosphate and coate ...

feed Review: Coolpad Conjr in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2017/1/18 15:15:16)
Coolpad's latest smartphone for the U.S. is the Conjr, a low-cost Android handset that's sold unlocked. The phone boasts a relatively attractive design, but peddles mid-range specs at best. Here is Phonescoop's in-depth review.

feed BeeLine – Cycle navigation made easy in link Coolsmartphone (2017/1/18 14:43:38)
I like the sound of this little doo-hickey. Just strap it to your bike and it’ll provide a simple guide to your destination. An arrow shows you the direction you need to be heading and below it’ll show how many miles remain. You can then ...

feed ZTE's Blade V8 Phone Goes On Sale Today in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2017/1/18 14:00:00)
ZTE today said the Blade V8 smartphone announced earlier this month is now available online. U.S. buyers can pick up the phone online for $230. The V8 is the first Blade-series handset from ZTE to be sold in the U.S. The V8 features a 5.5-inch full ...

feed Google Search for Android Gains Offline Mode in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2017/1/18 13:19:26)
Google has made it possible for Google Search to work even when the device goes offline. The latest build of Search for Android can store Google searches if a phone loses its network connection. Users can queue up as many searches as they want while ...

feed Verizon to Further Cripple Thousands of Unreturned Note7s in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2017/1/18 0:55:42)
Verizon Wireless is prepared to take another drastic step in order to convince thousands of customers still holding onto the Samsung Galaxy Note7 that it's time to return the phone. "In spite of our best efforts, there are still customers using the ...

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