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feed WhatsApp will now share your data with Facebook. in link Coolsmartphone (2016/8/25 15:38:07)
It’s a move that we could almost feel coming after the application became free. Facebook will now be able to see phone numbers from WhatsApp to allow “better friend suggestions”. Not only that, but they want to let third parties ...

feed Google Adds Actual Games to Mobile Search in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/8/25 14:06:07)
Google today made several simple games available to play directly in search results. Performing a search for solitaire will bring up a playable version of the card game. Similarly, users can search for tic-tac-toe to strategize Xs and Os. Google als ...

feed Samsung Releases Pink Gold Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/8/25 14:00:39)
Samsung today announced a pink gold version of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The new color will be available only at Best Buy stores in the U.S. For a limited time, customers who buy and activate the pink gold Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge from Best Buy will re ...

feed Three take you on a road trip with the RoadFi in link Coolsmartphone (2016/8/25 13:04:02)
Three are now selling something to keep the kids happy on those long drives. Whether you’re off on holiday, going to relatives far away or you simply need to keep the iPads, iPods and tablets connected for a journey to the shops, the new Huaw ...

feed WhatsApp to Share User Data with Facebook in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/8/25 12:48:28)
WhatsApp today updated its terms of service and revealed plans to share data with its parent company, Facebook. The company says coordinating with Facebook will allow it to better track metrics to do things like fight spam. It will use the informati ...

feed Google Drive, Play Music See Updates on Android in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/8/25 12:26:09)
Google recently updated its Google Drive and Google Play Music apps for Android devices, giving new features to both apps. Google Drive now allows people to set home screen shortcuts for their favorite or frequently-used files and folders. The updat ...

feed HTC to roll out Nougat in Q4 in link Coolsmartphone (2016/8/25 10:34:53)
Got yourself a HTC phone? Want to get the very latest Android 7.0 OS, AKA Nougat, on there? Good news, friend. It’s coming later this year. HTC have given us a statement to share on this which reads as follows… We?re excited to rec ...

feed Honor 8 – Everything you need to know in link Coolsmartphone (2016/8/25 9:44:06)
I like Honor. They’re clever, produce good handsets and they price them sensibly. In certain ways it’s like the early days of branded HTC handsets. HTC were always keen to show us their kit and they wanted to impress. They were proactiv ...

feed Honor Paris Launch – Live in link Coolsmartphone (2016/8/24 20:18:50)
We’re here in the beautiful city of Paris to cover the latest handset from Honor. For all the latest developments we’re blogging live, and you can get detail via our man @todoleo on Twitter. We’ve got a live stream of his adventur ...

feed Google Gives Nexus Phones Access to WiFi Assistant in link Phone Scoop - Latest News (2016/8/24 16:28:06)
Google this week made its WiFi Assistant feature available to all Nexus devices. The tool is a direct carryover from Google's Project Fi. The WiFi Assistant lets Nexus owners automatically and securely connect to more than one million free, open WiF ...

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